How to Join EMPTY Public Lobby on GTA 5 Online | WORKING SOLO PUBLIC LOBBY GLITCH (Xbox One/PS4/PC)


GTA 5 online how to get empty public solo lobby/session working on xbox one, ps4 and pc, so you guys can make easy and fast money without any stress!..smash that thumbs up for more gta 5 tips and tricks!
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  1. I tried flying a plane and someone killed me and I tried this and it worked thank you so much

  2. pc stills works, thanks so much my man! I suspended gta5 process for around 10 seconds and it worked

  3. Ahhh dude! Thank you so much for this! I cannot tell you how much peace of mind this has given me. Is there a way of editing the mtu number so i can invite a friend?

  4. Thank god, i hate being in lobbies with other people. You trying to grind your way up and people are dicks for no reason.

  5. If this works then great. Don't know why there are 1000lv players when I am lv60 I am poor trying tho do stuff they send bombs great xD

  6. I used to use this method but I would log on and see no businesses are supplied and my 300k sale didn't go through and I'm still sitting at like 30k money ๐Ÿ™„ seems it doesnt save your progress sometimes.

  7. sweet thanks i just wanna farm the new pc account without some dick weed coming in with his mk2 opressor

  8. Anyone know if the PS4 one still work?!?

    EDIT: It does work. I was brought back to story mode but when I went online from there, I was the only one. Been doing my CEO missions ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ good looks homie !!

  9. This isnโ€™t working for me do you know why, it was working about 2 hours ago

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