HOW To JOIN Tagz Clan In FORTNITE – (Xbox,PS4,PC)

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How To Title Your Tryout Video
Tagz Clan Tryout – (YOURGAMERTAG)

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  1. I would like to join your clan.I have been playing since season 7 and would like to take fortnite to the next level

    username – ewan gameboy

  2. I want to join because I’m cracked at the game and just love hitting those shots my epic is elec11892 I play on Xbox and have some crazy ass clips

  3. I want to join because it be fun to meet new people and make videos with the other the clan members.

  4. I'm look for a clan to take my gaming level to the next one. I will try out for the best clan is Tagz sounds awesome.

  5. I want to join cause I think I’ll be a good addiction and my trick shots are on creative wi pals

  6. I wanna join so that I'm not left out cause all my friends are in clans

  7. i whant to join ur clan because i whant to take my skill to the next level and play with good skilled players like me and play scrims

  8. hey can i tryout im a creative warrior but i do play on mac

  9. I know you might not read this but I want to join bc most of my friends in clan and bc I got kicked out my old clan bc I called him a bot

  10. I a want to join becouse i am great in editing i am good in fortnite
    I a have sent you a friend reqeust on epic games/ Xbox

    I am btw Blobvisje NL
    On epic games i am luc27lol

  11. That's me made a fortnite montage of why I should join the clan so If you could watch it and let me know if I can join that would be nice thanks 👍

  12. I want to join thus clan because it look like it has good player in it and I would also like to grow my channel

  13. I want to join this clan beacause TAGZ sounds perfect and i wanna play with good players like you.

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