How To Land Faster | Tricks & Tutorials | PUBG MOBILE

This tutorial is made for the new players or those who still don’t know the technique of landing faster than normal.

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Device: iPhone8+
Screen Recorder: IOS Screen Recorder



  1. Practice will make u perfect I'm watching this video for the second time it's the best video on YouTube highly recommended to watch the entire video it's been a year ago when I watched last time

  2. I jumped at 700m+ but I ended up landing 400m+ away from the location. Why is that?

  3. im feeling so lonely right now 😁
    that i have to watch your old videos just to make myself feel better
    hammmmm… its been a long journey.. im glad that im your early supporter..
    this bg music + your outro song is always on mind..
    keep on moving biu..
    wish you best for your future

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