How to Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast in Apex Legends!

In today’s video I show you how to Level Up your Battle Pass Fast and gain lots of XP in Apex Legends. With season 1 lasting for only 3 months, I have some tips on leveling up your battle pass faster and overall help complete it in a shorter period of time! Be sure to watch the entire video so you don’t miss out on several ways you can obtain XP and the fastest way to get XP for the Apex Legends battle pass! Did you enjoy the video? Consider Subscribing to my channel for more…


  1. I’m level 92 and there is like 3 days left until season end. Do you think I can get level 100? I really want that Havoc skin but I won’t be able to get the bonus level 110 though lol.

  2. Great job putting the 1st kill with each legend in the spotlight. It's also a great way to really know what legend plays best to your style.

  3. To hit level 110 isn't it 3,215,500 EXP?
    Also the 25% XP boost is just for yourself and only relates to time survived (unless I am wrong)
    Other than that, all great information 😀

  4. Yo just subbed, could I get xp fast if I get a quick game with a lot of kills?

  5. Honestly didn’t know it was time survived that helped gain the most xp! Thanks sultan

  6. Damn, I had no clue that some of this mattered to help gain xp. Thanks for a nother great video g, keep grinding!

  7. Screwed if you don't have any friends that play this because I can't benefit from the bp booster from the battle pass they need to sort that shit out

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