How to make BILLIONS in GTA 5 Story Mode(Fast and Easy!)

Just finished up the final heist in GTA 5 Story Mode and aren’t satisfied with a few million? Well this video is a clear and easy guide for turning that pocket change into billions! It is easy and fast, why be just rich, when you can be FILTHY RICH?

Thank you all for watching!

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  1. hey man I didn’t get the first mission and messed up multiple times so I only rapped up about 83 Mil but still thanks appreciate it dawg

  2. Whats that first mission? its like Fast and the furious style but i have yet to see or do that

  3. Dude I invested in Debonaire in all the characters but they dont show up in trevor an Michael's stocks

  4. I LOST 38M tho thanks buddy. Redwood completely crashed, it went from -30% to -70%

  5. Ok I'm going to complete the story mode again lol last time I did it I chose c so I wanna do something diffent anyone suggest Michael or Trevor

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