How To Make Dummies ATTACK In Apex Legends | Firing Range Easter Egg Solved

New Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg found. This video shows you how to turn it on so the dummies attack you! Perfect for practicing you aim and getting better in Apex!

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  1. Finally worked out why this wasn’t working for me. (Hold) Crouch won’t work. It must be (Toggle) Crouch in Options otherwise you won’t be crouching when you change legends. Hope this helps.

  2. I've watched like 4 videos on this but I can't get it to work… I know I'm not that dumb fr idk what I'm doing wrong I'm literally trying to make my screen look exactly the same but it's not working for me -.- if you fuck it up too many times do you have to restart the game? Idfkkkk

  3. This isnt working for me. Is it because I'm on PS4?
    Edit: Forget that, I just figured out that I have to be right up against the platform's little wall
    Edit 2: I have also figured out, if you kill a certain number of dummies (over 30) the firing range will reload and you cant turn the dummies on again

  4. Great video
    I feel u could help out people struggling to reach perd that would be much more better than giving them apex coins

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