How to make money in GTA 5 (Stock Market Guide)

Grand Theft Auto V Tips & Tricks – A complete Stock Market guide that will teach you how to make a lot of money in GTA 5 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 (1080p)


● 0:03 – Introduction and money limit ($2,147,483,468)
● 1:33 – False myths and glitches
● 3:49 – LCN Stock Market – Make money withouth using assassination missions
● 5:35 – LCN Corporate Rivals
● 5:50 – BAWSAQ Stock Market – Introduction and HOW…


  1. For the redwood and debonaire cigarettes you should get the 35%but if you’re lucky you can get 42%

  2. I made the bilkinton profit of 160% that common or did I get lucky?

  3. I had the fruit stock at 50% percent but then i fucked up cuz i continued and now it doesnt help if im loading it again it stays on 25%

  4. But the video tells us to save only with Franklin and Trevor but what about Michael? Will he not be able to get as much money as they both are getting. Please reply ASAP! Thanks! 🙂

  5. To those wondering, the Merryweather investment after The Third Way still works as of May 2020; here’s how. Note: It’s time consuming (Roughly 2.5 hours for a 130% return for me and I could’ve kept going) and a decently long read.

    -Quicksave immediately after the mission ends, when you get switched to Trevor

    -Switch to Michael, invest in Merryweather with your ~40mil

    -Switch to Franklin and invest, then to Trevor and invest.

    -Switch back to Michael, and wait a bit until you get the email from Don. Once you get the email, read it by scrolling down, and switch to Trevor and read his as well. Safe measures, not sure if this is required. Make a new quicksave, again, for safe measures.

    -As Trevor, go to the strip club’s couch and start saving. For me, I waited 3 weeks at first and got -11% return. Don’t do what I did, don’t keep doing this for very long if you keep getting negative returns. I went back to my quicksave and tried a few times again, until I got a positive return %. When you get that positive percentage, make another quicksave.

    -Sleep, and check your investments after every time you sleep. When you gain more on your return, quicksave over that positive percentage quicksave, or make another.

    -Keep quicksaving on positive returns until you lose any percentage on your returns. Reload the quicksave with the positive percentages, and try again. Repeat this process. It’s time consuming, I know, but it is worth it and you can double, or triple, your money if you have the time.

    General Notes:

    -If at first your Merryweather return percentage is -50%, reload the quicksave from Trevor and repeat the steps above. This happened to me 3 times until I finally got out of the -50%, and back to normal percentages.

    -I gave myself, as a general rule, 2 sleeps after a negative return until I reloaded the save and tried for positive. You can mess with this, but the key is to reload your saves as the percentages are never the same, and can fluctuate. If you reload and it’s a lower percentage, sleep a few more times and see if it gains more than your original. If it does, quicksave over and continue with the process. If not, reload your save again. Repeat.

    -If you have anything to add, let me know! I can always edit this 🙂

  6. Couple of Pro-tips: Don’t use MerryWeather. It never worked for me.
    When buying Redwood, don’t sell for 100%, sell it for 300%. TRUST ME.

  7. The story of Devin Weston:

    Oh yes LCN life invader invest 100 pieces stock market is mega high

    Oh I gained allot of money time to quick save
    Time to sleep and woahhh it lowered
    Time to quit the game and rejoin

    Woah it increased to 💯 let's sell


  8. Me: Hey what’s your WiFi password?

    Friend: it’s in back of the router

    The back of the router: 2:12

  9. I don't know what is going on, everytime I invest my money into Bilkinton after the hotel assassination it never goes to the 80% return as it is supposed to be.

  10. Thx at the end I got 500 million even though I can't use bawsaq I still got a lot of money. I had to redo the game but it was worth it

  11. is it worth to start the game from the start again to earn this much money?
    (does it work every time?)

  12. Funny how I’m watching how to stock on gta and I’m getting ads on how to stock in real life

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