How to Mod GTA V (Xbox 360)

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In this video today, I will show all of you guys how you can modify your Grand Theft Auto V game to get a complete save, along with unlimited health, stats, weapons, ammo, money, and more. Please note the unlimited health does not work when taking fall damage!!! Hope this video helps you guys out, I show all ways to mod your save…


  1. for some reason when i go into horizon it says 0 devices loaded but i have plugged the usb and i run it as adminstrator too. can someone help?

  2. Everybody bot in the comments: I thought this was fake but it worked thanks man

  3. I guess moddes got tired of gta, so they gave there mods away, so they can mod fortnite

  4. Is it possible to add modded cars to gta 5 xbox 360 like real cars dropped trucks,corvett,etc

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