How to NEVER MISS A SHOT~AIMBOT MECHANIC! (Fortnite Console 6-6 Sensitivity) AIM ASSIST GLITCH

Why I Spam My ADS/Zoom~AIMBOT MECHNIC! (Fortnite Console 6-6 Sensitivity) AIM ASSIST GLITCH
Hey guys hope you enjoy today’s video! I thought this was something most of you should know as a lot of you were asking about it in the comments section! So basically this is why I do it and I hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to subscribe!

100% Proof of Fortnite Aimbot — 17 kill newbie,…


  1. It would be great, if you would have put a webcam on your controller and explain it. but anyway its a nice video, i like it and learned a lot from you. Thank you.

  2. Will I get banned for doing something thats in the game. Why do people ask this…

  3. When people say mobile aim assist is way more op, even though you barely have it aim to the head for you

  4. Never did this i just have good aim never knew people do this until tfue complained about it

  5. Haha and we have no skill console players bragging about their aim, try using a mouse, it's pure skill, which console players don't have that explains why they suck so much.

  6. Last question (what's the best sensitivity for this?)

  7. So do u like tap ur shooting button and ur aim button at the same time while shooting or u hold ur shooting button and tap the aim?

  8. I'm confused so when u aim at a moving person running do u also have to move the joystick on right?

  9. if someone gets their hands on a silenced scar, they’re fucked
    thanks for the heart

  10. Bro hopefully the damn PC players won’t report this to epic like for real this ain’t even game breaking, I’ve been doing this since February thought I was the only one lol I swear if Epic removes this or nerfs it I’m officially done with this gawd damn game, this is similar to Gta Online money glitches back in the day, hopefully Epic doesn’t remove it

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