How To PIECE CONTROL Like A Pro! – Fortnite Battle Royale

In this video, I talk about how you can improve your piece control and learn to piece control like a pro in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 4. Piece control has quickly become the meta in Season 4, so after seeing all of the itsJerian piece control memes, I thought it was time I made my own piece control guide. Basically, I explain what piece control is, show some basic examples of it from pro players like NRG Clix, NRG Benjyfishy, Reet, NRG Unknown, and BBG Yung Calc, then show some…


  1. 3:31 did you just say he’s not a fast builder or editor?!?! I can’t even see him edit he’s so fast and you say he’s slow!?

  2. This is good , but if you play 70ping + you should think about how to do other things and know to have a wall next to you to quickly get out of the situation , and just be ready to 200 him next 🤣

  3. He might insult controller players from time to time but I still watch his videos cuz he gives good tips

  4. I love how they forgot that there is a box next to them so they can survive I want a piece control inside a box without one build of my opponent but that's ok your vid helped

  5. Hey Jerian love your video! I do have one suggestion though. I think your videos are very centered around people who have a lot of experience already in fortnite. I think it would be beneficial to try to cater to people who are just getting into fortnite, maybe assume they have less than one season experience. Fortnite is really complex and has a lot of moving parts and i think its easy to forget what it's like to be a beginner at something. Not all people have been playing season after season.

  6. mans got the predator in the first 10 secs of this video, No WAY!!

  7. No one:

    My friend when he takes my wall : I have the best in fortnite

  8. I’ve watched this video so often. This video is the reason I am cracked at piece control.

  9. me: *wondering what piece control is*
    also me: *watches this video*
    also also me: *realizes i was born a piece control god*

  10. Girls: what turns you on if i cant?
    jerian: PEACE CONTROL

  11. Is it just me or does “peace control” just mean being good at the game?

  12. If anyone can do it and all u gotta do is make a short video than that means ur not a pro

  13. I have great aim and can build like a lunatic in creative. I always choke in game and fail piece control and build poorly. SUCKS!

  14. I was going to quit fortnite cuz I kept on getting boxed like a fish and bow I'm going to box the other people like a fish ur de best papa jerian

  15. Me before : "yeah I've got 5 kills in solo"

    After jerian trains me : "I've got only 34 solo vs squad"

    Thanks man you saved me

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