How To Play APEX LEGENDS on MAC! FREE Tutorial!

How To Play APEX LEGENDS on MAC! FREE Tutorial!

Link to original gameplay: Thanks Quang Ann Nguye


  1. This guy is lowkey fake it works but that wasnt him playing XD. His name is albert yang but the user is david WTF… lmao

  2. It won't let me get the Windows 64 iso thing, only the 32. Will that change anything important?

  3. How are your graphics so good? I tried apex on a desktop Mac and the graphics are so bad only like 40 fps

  4. What a dumb little boy he was like I’m pretty decent on apex video shows he missing all shots and getting killed by a guy with 5 kills sucker 😒

  5. If I download windows on my mac does that mean I lose my mac interface, and all my mac programs?

  6. Please make a video of how to get apex legends for MacBook Air I’m beginning you to can you

  7. peeps, i'm late but why when i open origin it says that the online servers aren't aviable?!?! i need help i don't know what to do! T-T

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