How to play Fortnite with a Keyboard & Mouse on Nintendo Switch DOCKED – Answering your questions

Please see for an updated version and some trouble shooting tips :

For a wireless version please see :

In my last video showing how to use a keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch I had a lot of question in regards to Fortnite, so I thought I’d make this video to try and help you out.
This video shows docked play and how to set it up docked.

Does it work with Fortnite?

Will it work docked ?

Does it work with Switch…


  1. Hello. I bought this adapter but when I press control 2 on the keyboard it doesn’t change into game mode. Can you please help, I have the razer cynosure keyboard

  2. Hey im trying this in 2020 and its not working on my keyboard and i have the same adapter and im mad becuse it wont work, So when i click ctrl + 2 it dosent work i need help. 🙁

  3. when I connect my keyboard and play on it now of the keys work examole when I press space bar I dont jump

  4. So would you recommend people to actually play like this, is this more of a testing whether it works or not video?

  5. Console accessories I still don't get how to change the binds you didn't really explain it in a way I could understand. If you can reply and explain it to me it would be greatly appreciated 🙏

  6. I have a question how do u switch the keybinds can you please make video on it PLEASE

  7. Thanks Im thinking about playing on key board and mouse and thanks for helping 👍

  8. When I had everything plugged in the switch and into the adapter, And then I press down Ctr 2 and the blue Light didn’t come up. If you know any way to fix this please respond.

  9. What’s the edit key for keyboard and mouse on switch

  10. And you would also have Aim Assistant so that is a reason to get banned?

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