How to Play PUBG Mobile with Keyboard and Mouse! (Tips and Tricks)

“How to Play PUBG Mobile with Keyboard and Mouse – PUBG Mobile Keyboard and Mouse Tutorial Easy (Anti-Ban No Ban) Keyboard and Mouse iOS Android PC (How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Gameplay Download) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Keyboard Mouse Setup & Controls – PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks Control Settings”

★ Like the video if this helped! I’d appreciate it as this is the only LEGIT way of doing this without getting banned. Have fun guys! ★

Download link:



  1. It’s called cheating, you have a massive advantage against a mobile player, this should be banned

  2. Is it possible to go into settings and change the language in the game?

  3. Either the vid is laggy or your game is laggy. I would rather just play on my ios

  4. I got that exact emulator but for some reason the right click aim isnt working and I wasn’t sure if it was a glitch or just a setting but tbh I’m better at pubgm on my phone than the emulator

  5. It won't recognize my keyboard even though my tablet does, does anyone have any recomendations? I'm using a fintie keyboard if that helps. Maybe buy an adapter to use a wired keyboad?

  6. it would be cool if emulators can play with mobile players — That would be so cool

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