How To Rank Up Fast In Pubg Mobile | Easiest Tips & Tricks_

In this video I am going tell you few tips and tricks to rank up fast in PUBG MOBILE…
After watching this video you easily reach ACE tier in no time…

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Device (📱) :- Mi A1
Game (🎮) :- PUBG_Mobile
Screen Recorder (🎥)…


  1. It really works I played pubg for 2 days and went to conquer someone wanted it I sold him 45 dollars😂

  2. CYBERPUK4 On instagram is the world best international hacker who
    Saved my PUBG account(he unban my account).

  3. for those of you who disagree with these tips, please re-read the title of the video. It clearly states on how to rank up easily, not "how to have fun in pubg". We all know that not playing like a coward is way more fun but the point of this video is to rank up. In my opinion, this video is good and there is nothing to disagree.

    And for those, who thinks this trick is for noobs… then why the fuck did you clicked on this video? why are you watching this video if you are already a pro… Did someone forced you? Shit-holes Go make your own YouTube channel

  4. Me who tried landing in hot drops and tried to survive 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. instead of staying in the zone u can just dive in the water and stay it will be easy, like if it true.

  6. "7:16"
    Happy to get a lot of U$C from PG2.ONLINE* 📌📌 😍 දැන් එය සොයා ගැනීමට කැමතියි

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