How to Report Someone on GTA 5

This is how you report a player on Grand Theft Auto 5 online!
I’m just trying to make GTA a better community!
Don’t kill me and destroy my car!
How to report someone on PS4:
Snapchat: “spllitz”


  1. This has been helpful,gone report some kid bc he wasnt playing the game right at all,he was just running around being a noob.

  2. I wouldn't report anyone. I think it's a pussy move. Just go to another session or block the person. Grow a pair. Cant stand a snitch baby.

  3. Yo you helped me alot thanks cuz everytime i join online some freakin modder kills me or my rank goes down

  4. I got a message from some dude after I ran his ass over. Apparently him and his butt buddies were making a Twitch video and I “interrupted” it. LMAO I’ll admit I did also buy a tank and cause havoc on them for about 40 min. But that’s the game. I guess I ruined their dumb ass video. Not like anyone was going to watch anyways. Then I get a messag telling me they have my IP address and will hit me offline? Next day I log in and basically keep mysteriously “timing out”. If I somehow find out who these fuckers really are I’m going to drag them out of their Moms basement and break their knees with my controller.

  5. Yo you reported someone for playing gta haha ur such a sore loser man haha go play roblox or something dumbass

  6. You can’t report on badsports ????? Dudes hacking and moddin and glitching jets you can’t kill em

  7. Lol dont play online if you don't want your shit being destroyed, or go in passive mode at least. Shouldn't be able to report someone for PVP on a PVP server.

  8. There are so many hackers in this game. I just became 2nd in a race becouse there was a hacker who was flying with his F1

  9. You’re an absolute asshole for reporting someone who did nothing he wasn’t using mods or doing anything not allowed don’t randomly report people dumbass

  10. Fk you.. why you report someone on gta when he is only killing you you littlr shit.

  11. Im playing on Xbox, but I want to report a french guy on pc. Can I do that from socail club? Or something.

  12. Gta needs to fix their game. So many modders. Today there was a modder who saw my IP address

  13. It worked but I dont know his name I just enterd GTA5 and then I found a guy and I dont have my guns

  14. Idg why people are such Dick weeds I’m gta v it’s so satisfying to see them banned or kicked

  15. How do you report people on the website then? Had a hacker killing me over and over again tping with godmode on, and want to report him, but can't submit video evidence ingame. And my gta v ui fucked up so could not click on him.

  16. Lol I can see the R employees face rn facepalm he wont get banned for blowing up your vehicle or killing u he could blow up your vehicle twenty times and nothing would happen he might get put in bad sport but thats about it.

  17. Can you realy get banned for destroying someones car and killing him?

  18. i hate any one useit repport u can do this only with pepole hacker want kill u are evretime

  19. Lol that ia simple report you report that dis ia GTA 5 man anyone can kill everything player you report that is funny

  20. lvl 3 here like i literally started and niggas out her bombing me out with planes smh before i can report he quickly left the session tho.

  21. Interesting GTA character…. Do you get picked on by people calling you racist slurs online? What do you do?

  22. it never works on modders and hackers tried it before I tried it on my friend he’s a modder they have a special menu to remove the report notification and they’ll know that it was you, we do random shit not by killing others more like just checking if what’s new to the game cause our normal account is high level but we have modded accounts and we don’t kill other only if they force us to do these harsh circumstances in this stupid online bull crap, random people can’t just play the damn game normally unless they kill u and u fight back.

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