How to RUN in PUBG Mobile Without Making Noise – Totally Silent – No Hack Required

Ever want to run around in PUBG Mobile without the sound of your footprints giving you away? Today I show you exactly how to do this, no glitch or hack required! The Micro Uzi (and 6 other guns) have a secret, and today I reveal it!

Video Showing ALL Guns That Let You Do This:

Video proving the method works:

Video showing grenade method:

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  1. If you Have a pistal with a suppressor it's make to you silent to or did they change that?

  2. Just tried this myself exactly as you did in the video on my iOS device. When I’m crouch running with the uzi, it’s still not silent and footstep sounds are the same when crouch running with AUG or micro uzi.

  3. Worked. But can you tell me, or anybody, what is the fucking thing that makes our weapon turns to silence when shooting. I have experienced it when using tommy gun, scar-L, I just collected but did not knew what the thing's name. Anyone?

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