How to SEE FOOTSTEPS in Fortnite chapter 2 on SCREEN

How to see footsteps in fortnite chapter 2 on screen and other sound effects
on your console or pc
In this video I will show you how to see every single sound effect and footsteps in fortnite on your screen
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  1. Hope I helped. 🙂 If you want to buy something in the item shop, please use my code to help me with my videos. My code: SHONNYHD

  2. Thank you for helping I subbed and I liked I just thank u soo much I couldn’t play fortnite it’s soo hard and I hope u reach a mil soon 😄

  3. Dude thanks! My friends have this and I really wanted it too! Thanks for the help bro! 😀

  4. #1 connect your controller to your mobile device (you can see footsteps every game or every match you play)

  5. I just noticed I could see foot sounds on my screen. Wasn't like that before. Can anyone choose this during a match if you can't?

  6. Can you tell if someone is above or below you by the sound the footsteps make? For example when someone is on top of you the footsteps sound muffled but with more bass on the steps. And it sounds like something similar when they are under you.

  7. I used to only ask my sister because she is on mobile, and she has automatically those setting, and I am on ps4, so I couldn’t do it. LOL

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