How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

“PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks – PUBG Mobile Bots Explained, Bots Proof – How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile iOS Android PC) Gameplay – PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks, Tips to Win! Battle Royale New Update Gameplay”


PUBG Mobile BEST Tips and Tricks!!

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  1. I like challenging gun fights, fighting with bots is not really a thing that i like, i prefer less kills but with real players than more kills with bots

  2. I just started playing pubg..Killing at least 1 enemy makes me happy..Now all of sudden I feel like all enemies I had killed so far (am not that good and not that bad either) were all bots😂😂😂so am still noobs😭

  3. sometimes when i get out from the plane and land on the ground, I cant even jump and spin my camera, cant even pickup any weapon. What is happening?

  4. More bot features:
    A green striped shirt, default skin (male or female), and green cargo pants
    Shoot at them from far away. If they run to cover or start jumping, they’re a real player.
    Shoot the loudest gun you have. A lot. If they change cover spots, it’s a person.
    They use 1-4 shot bursts, and stand still

  5. Pubg mobile players: kills AFK players in 0.1 seconds

    PUBG Mobile bot:

    takes ages to kill an AFK player

  6. PUBG Mobile already lost population because Call of Duty Mobile defeated PUBG Mobile by easiest controls…

  7. Okay I'm lv41 and I still see way to many honestly it pisses me off I want competition not a free easy ride wtf do I look like a communist/socialist/federalist or simply a soy boy or simp or a cuck

  8. The simple way to know is the rate of which they fire shoots. Even the distract sound of their shoots is obvious

  9. It’s much easier in call of duty mobile because they will have stupid names like mangojellyfish or soccer moms and they don’t hit their shots

  10. Well my first game is trash, cuz as soon as I downloaded the game I play with my cousin which is a diamond 3 player, not that diamond 3 is much but hey, it's my first game and I'm fighting experienced players

  11. i always see bots at novo 's sea??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Bots can spot you easier and got good aim.. They just don't damage you that much

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