How to Spot Enemy Players in PUBG! (Advanced Tutorial) – PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS TRICKS/GUIDE

In this advanced tutorial I go over some of the easiest tricks to spot enemy players that are shooting at you, and how to learn to anticipate enemy players without changing your graphics or having insane luck.

More info on bullet cracks/whizzes:

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  1. I watch at this videos and see how easy it was a year ago or more and now it s full of hackers and pros and i can t get a kill 🙁

  2. this is a huge problem for me

    i can manage to last to top 15 but even when the circle is small i never spot people it’s insane

  3. I think this is a great outlook on general gameplay as a whole! However 2 things do you Moses prefer inner circle or rim circle as a smart player position?! Last I don't play PC, but mobile I try to focus on tracks n the red marks prolly 90 percent of the time, so to understand where my enemy is totally rely on those and if I see them first, otherwise follow the markers of shots.. On mobile! Btw Moses when playing mobile.. You can't always think with sounds made is fact as you'll hear a proner.. Will make sound like close by but actually be standing n moving some distance away.. There is deception in sound, but visual keys n markers are what help you most in the mobile World.. Nice vid btw I subbed.. 🍻

  4. How about when you out on a player. Yet when you press right trigger on xbox the bullets dont come out this happens quite often.

  5. moses i think its time to remake this video for new players , for old player too maybe ,needs a remake

  6. Sadly enough hacking has become so bad that it doesnt matter anymore.
    I just cant win a single game, because every time I get in the top 10 a hacker his aim snaps at me and fires a rapid burst without recoil at my head.

  7. 3:53 I dont see anyone and I didnt hear where the shot came from just the sound of me getting hit

  8. Can this be used in PUBGM? I think yes. But it's more harder since it has limits to how far can you see without scope and it's harder to see.

  9. Idk why i sat through the whole video talking about gunfire and gunfire audio queues in pubg, when I know that its always the best idea to fucking bolt it when you hear a gunfire towards your direction.

  10. im cracking up here started playing yesterday thought im the only noob in this game. reading the comments relax and drinks beer.

  11. Even if I see a enemy I can't hit him/her my aim is so bad that even a bush can kill me
    And bushes doesn't even kill

  12. There are things you can do to increase your chances of spotting other players but allot of the time, it's luck as to who spots who first and then if anyone spots you as you prepare to get into position to engage the player you've managed to spot. There's generally two ways to play this game. You either play for the kills or you play for the win. If you're playing for the win then you want to avoid players until the 5th circle if possible. I would recommend playing for kills as a new player as this is the only way you'll get better at the game overall. Once you're confident with firefights at all ranges, you can start thinking about advanced strategies such as getting a vehicle as soon as you land and then travelling the map to loot up where you'll only start to get into the game later on

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