How to squat your truck on GTA5 PS3/Xbox 360

showing yall how to squat trucks on gta 5
let me know what truck you like me to do next to squat and if you like to join my crew heres a link where you can join right now

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  1. i was looking at gta truck meets and this showed up and i still don't get why people like that suspension style

  2. if you do it with the karin rebel you can do wheelies

  3. Hey D0PEBOI_ If you are interested in role playing on Play Station 3 or 4 reply back for my username. I made a few role play maps and the reason why I ask you to reply for username is because I don't want to leave it up for random people to friend me.

  4. LOL, squatted trucks in GTA looks just as stupid as squatted trucks in real life. Different Strokes for different folks I guess

  5. Someone shared this on a car page to come and laugh. I definitely laughed my ass of. F'in loser.

  6. Dude squat is dumb. And before you go saying “THatS Ur OpINiOn” it’s actually EVERYONE’S OPINION. Ask anyone. Not only is it looked down upon, but it’s dangerous and serves no functional use other than easy bumper removal. The only way i’d ever do this is if i wanted to die in a wreck.

  7. Anybody who squats there trucks are gay it looks like a dog taking a shit going down the road

  8. apparently squatting with the hay block is patched for the ps4 and xbox one but not the ps3 and xbox360 if you find out its patched for that plz let me know

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