How To STRAFE LIKE A PRO in Apex Legends on Console! (3 Tips to Keep in Mind)

In today’s video I’ll show you How To STRAFE LIKE A PRO in Apex Legends! These 3 crucial Tips to Keep in Mind will drastically change your Strafe movement. Strafing is another form of having good movement in apex legends. So after this advanced apex legends movement guide, your Strafe will be much better! I’ll be showing different strafe types which will show you how to get better movement and move faster to dodge more bullets. Did you enjoy the video? Consider Subscribing to Join The…


  1. Sorry for the late upload, wanted to get it out earlier today but a late video is better than no video 😎

  2. How the hell was he able to gointo Third Person in the Firing Range? Id like to see the difference in movements between legends.
    Wraiths being the most ANNOYING for obvious reasons

  3. Sultan D: There is no need stafing while no one is looking at you
    Sweatheads: Crouchspammstrafing the sweat out of their asses while shooting you in the back.

  4. I struggled so I put a purple mag on on the third challenge and worked my way down until I could do no mag

  5. Heres one thing no one does in this game for some reason that people did in competitive tf2 (primarily on Sniper) that does actually work afaik: crouch jump spam. You jump and in the air you spam your crouch button. This makes your hitbox seem to desync from your model (and even without the desync would make you harder to hit because of the animation)

  6. My fave thing to do close range is to bait someone into chasing me behind a tall climbable, climb ontop while they dont see me and then jump behind them. It catches a lot of people off guard.

  7. Just discovered this video and holy shit have I been playing wrong the entire time. Gonna try your Trials towards the end of the video and hopefully get better. Been playing since Season 0 and best I have done is shy of 2600k damage and no more than 9 kills in a match….period. Meaning KC or WE maps. Thanks for the motivation.

  8. me: thinks i can strafe
    SD: well yes…. but actually no
    me: mkay… :')

  9. Hey so I did what u said to do in the firing range and I did get better at dodging and getting shot less but how do you crouch and aim at the same time if you're thumb can only use one R3 or circle?

  10. It’s funny because I strafe like crazy but people still hit every shot on me

  11. Anyone still can't do this shit after they gave the alternator 19 rounds in a clip ? 😅

  12. Crouch Strafing will be Slow >>Revenant HOLD my beer skin suit

  13. I feel that everyone’s comment aren’t focused on they most important part he was 3rd person I saw no comment on this

  14. I’m a octane main and I feel that strafing for him is important since he can use stim to increase his speed while strafing so thank you

  15. Do you think it is a good idea to practice straffing without firing at first just to get the hang of it? Practice straffing and keeping your dot on the dummy without firing? Then fire and strafe and one clip the dummy?

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