How to Survive in The Storm *Unlimited Health Glitch* (Season 11)

This new fortnite glitch helps you win every game without even needing to move one step.

My Fortnite Specs🎮
Kontrol Freeks –
Hyper X Cloud Stinger –
Basic Gold Controller –
Best building controller –
Ducky keyboard –
Keycaps –

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  1. Do u want to join a clan called PCH clan look at are YouTube is PCH clan

  2. its patched because the system eventually notices you doing the actions which makes you die, gg fortnite and you dont get banned so dont worry 🙂

  3. its kinda sad that only 3/4 days after release people have tried to find exploits for in-game, not-real, stats that literally don't matter.

  4. Do not do this I got banned and I'm still trying to tweet them atm

  5. I mean if u want to be a pussy than ya go ahead and do this. You're not earning the dub this is some baby back bitch shit.

  6. Awesome can you get banned for this???? Because i really dont want to lose my acc

  7. Hey, cause of the framerate problem, do you have the soundquality on high, cause if u do, then it is very likely that that is the main problem so you should maybe turn it down.😉

  8. this is banable. dont be an idiot. exploiting glitches to win games is against fortnite TOS

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