How To Turn OFF SKILLED-MATCHMAKING In Fortnite Chapter 2 (Bot Lobbies)

In this video I’ll be showing you how to get into BOT LOBBIES in Fortnite Chapter 2. By using this bot lobby glitch you will be able to fight MOSTLY BOTS and play against some of the worst players in Fortnite. Sometimes you will be in bot lobbies with players who just started playing the game, giving you super easy lobbies since most players won’t know how to build or even how to shoot properly yet. This bot lobby glitch currently works and allows you to only play against the same platform…


  1. I don't have Twitter or Instagram but I use your cold and I followed your YouTube channel or subscribed and like the video

  2. So the giveaway is give you money? Then they have a chance of getting a cosmetic it scamming children ffs

  3. Wanna play them but I don't talk I REALLY wanna play a bot lobbies bc I really want to get my first solo win

  4. I have to admit you are the best person in the world how do you know this stuff you're an absolute legend I'm a big fan please watch my videos

  5. I just wanted to see how much you guys had been thinking about the pack I need it I’m a default display name kind mars119

  6. 1:44 i thought he was scamming until he acctually go in the setting. Good job man and thank you for not acctually scamming me! for those who didnt understand, this works!

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