How to Unlock FPS Trick in PUBG Mobile! (Android Settings Tips and Tricks)

“PUBG Mobile How to ENABLE FPS on ANY Android! How to Show FPS in PUBG Mobile Max FPS Settings – FPS Meter Download No Root (iOS and Android) PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks 2020 Season 12 – English (PUBG Mobile Unlock 120fps) PUBG Mobile Best Settings 120fps Android Tricks”


PC Link:
Android Link:

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  1. Hi guys! I don’t think maybe people will search this up, but I really think it’s a cool thing that everyone should definitely know about. Can you please help me out by sharing this video around? I would bet a lot of our fellow PUBG/CODM/PG3D/etc. players would love to know about this! 😊

    btw if you’re reading this I forgot the links in the description the first few minutes after uploading; refresh the video and you’ll see them now! 😂

  2. Kf mark on my pc cant detect ma phone. Its always grey. Whats wrong huhu. Is it srill working?

  3. The last time I rooted a phone it was not very long ago sure I can do it with the s20 plus but I remember all the virus you get after rooting a phone…

    Isn't there a file of the game where it says for example fps limit 60 and then you can change to 120?

  4. Nice but give some idea for mobile oly user…like me I dont having pc…and I love ur CoDm videos too make more on that too ..I'm a CoDm players

  5. Every change on game file lead you to a ban, think two times about your account before do these things.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble, but using apps like these are considered “in-game overlays” and are considered an offense punishable by ban. I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone to use this app.

  7. Bruh your ip address is showing might wanna do something about that before you randomly get booted

  8. hey exxotik I need help getting uc for pubg and I don't want to hack so can you help thanks

  9. How about a tutorial to record mobile screen using ur computer without any extra peripherals ?

  10. I have been searching on this topic for a while now and finally i found someone who speaks English

  11. Dude this channel has grown since i last checked. How are you doing? I was here since 2015 and remeber the pixel gun videos.

  12. can you play pixel fury,its a cool game.the graphics are bad but the gameplay its fun.

  13. I'm better than you at call of duty Black ops mobile one-v-one me

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