How to use discord for PUBG Mobile – PUBGM mobile gaming (quick 4 minutes guide)

Learn how to use Discord app to create team and for voice chat while playing PUBG Mobile.
Super easy video guide. Watch and learn.
Learn to use discord for mobile gaming. Quick 4 minutes guide.


  1. My problem is with the in game sound. I can't barely hear anything in the game especially the gunshots and footsteps when using Discord.

  2. When im in a discord call and i enter a pubg match my phone ends the call on its own
    help pls

  3. I have a problem, When I use discord and lunch the game , the sound be very low. MY phone is iphone Xs max

  4. Finally an indian who actually speak english throughout the video and the titlte is in english

  5. Bro listen go to voice settings turn on push to talk settings the go play any video if the sound is good then minimise it then again go to discord turn on voice activity and the listen to the game sound of pubg . Thank me later !!!!!!!!!

  6. Thnx for sharing,, like your video
    New Friend

  7. i am not using discord but my friends are. but i cant hear them but they can hear each other.Is this because of server glitch or have they muted me?

  8. thank you vaery much this vedio is very useful for me because im the im the first time use discord

  9. Ios players: do you have this problem when discord is on game sounds terrible? Is there anyway to fix it?

  10. Kese Gameplay Record karu
    Mera Nahi Ho Raha hai
    Please Bolo Mujhe
    Discord Me Baat Karke Kese Gameplay Record Karu Pura Sounds ke saath?

  11. I can’t hear anything like footsteps or gun shots while pubg mic is turned on or while using discord I can’t hear anything

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