How to Use Mouse and Keyboard on PS4 | Apex Legends, Cod Warzone, Fortnite

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  1. Xbox has it ez, just plug in your keyboard and mouse instead of paying 125 bucks

  2. Makes no sense the game give you the option to choose between crossplay or not, and then you r not allowed to use keyboard… On ps4

  3. I played ps4 on mw then for fun I start playing it with keyboard and mouse I tried console again and.. I was complete dog shit

  4. Than ur using mouse and keyboard plus aim assist, yeah another way to hack the game congrats

  5. U might be the first guy who says playerunknowns battleground its funny HAHAH good video anyways peace x

  6. dose this work for fortnite like if I used this would i get aim assist and would i get into controller lobbies

  7. If you use a mouse and keyboard, then you don't get any credit.

  8. Everyone bitching bout this like shut the fuck up its a free game and these dudes gotta pay like $125 for this extention. Honestly let them do it whats the fucking harm. Its literally a video game and if you are gonna cry and bitch about it then switch to pc or some shit where everyone has the same shit.

  9. Is it useful to play apex legends using by keyboard and mouse

  10. I started playing on the ps4 and noticed that my friends had a an advantage over me because fortnite has m&b compatability so I switched. I’ve been like this for around like 5 or 6 seasons and when apex came out i loved it but I couldn’t use m&b on it so because of you I can play the games I love with ease thank u so much

  11. Hey I'm switching to K&M on ps4 too but I wanna know how to clip things like usual with controller, help?

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