How to win every single 1v1 on Fortnite

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  1. bro when did you start fortnite thanks I have a 1v1 today I won thanks for your skills

  2. You act like being on controller has nothing to do with it… that’s the only reason your so good…

  3. I swear these videos don’t help
    Their basically flexing their edits and builds at this point XD

  4. lets get this straight, i am only here to beat my overrated friend who everyone thinks hes better than me but i think he isnt.

  5. bro this shit got me so inspired and motivated for 1v1s thx bro thx for this hope live long and live well plzz leave a like 🙂

  6. Here one thing to win every 1v1 just enable fly and just move around and spam minigun and rpg

  7. My name is Mathpro103 please can you friend me I'm a Little bit good my friendê never play with me and I'm good but you might think i'm bad bro just please friend me pleaseeeeeeee

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