How to WIN Millions of Chips on GTA 5 | Casino Horse Racing Glitch | Win Money Fast Hack

This is a short tutorial on how to become a millionaire on Grand Theft Auto Online! Ignore all the other videos – this is straight to the point. I show you how the hack works and what buttons you need to press on the controller. I am demonstrating this on the Playstation 4 but this also works on Xbox One (Just use the A button when I refer to the X button) I win $50,000 in just 2 minutes – both tries during this horse racing match! I am ready to keep playing to win more! Get to the GTA…


  1. can somebody say to me how to do this glitch? Right, right…..And?

  2. Change computers each race until u see a horse with the evens option and do the glitch you will make money so much faster

  3. Hold x on betting amount then keep holding and select place bet. Once bet is placed hold until race is over and you get paid. Repeat.

  4. If chips go to 1 go see cashier and buy max chips they will come back !

  5. Heads up everyone! You may stand up from the horse racing and see your chips go to 1, DO NOT PANIC! Go to the cashier and buy max chips and all your money will return ! Remember cash out often and save just enough chips to build back up to 1mil and repeat!

  6. Ive been doing it I bet 100 on 6 till I win 250000 to 300000

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