How to Win The Lucky Wheel Podium Car EVERY SINGLE TIME With The 6:30 METHOD in GTA 5 Online Vehicle

How to win the podium car detailed explanation:


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Win The New Car Easy EVERY TIME- JOYSTICK CAM & TIMER | GTA 5 ONLINE Lucky Wheel Guide

Winning the new podium vehicle in GTA 5 online fast from this weeks GTA Online Weekly Update. This is this weeks free…


  1. Omg yes bro thanks I just got the car no bs this is no joke this actually works

  2. Go up to wheel, when the SPIN THE WHEEL ICON appears in top right wait 4 WHOLE seconds then move stick to 6:30 and wiggle the stick very slightly. Ur not welcome

  3. Mans following the greatest trait anyone can have, spread the wealth this mans on the top but he threw a rope

  4. Works on Xbox yeah but can you stop putting a Xbox controller in the thumb nail

  5. YOOOOOO, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! I messed up on the first try because I held a second long but then got it on the second try. You literally have to tap it down, don’t hold at all. Thanks dude, just subbed! 👍

  6. Dude I get so frustrated when I mess up and I have to close my game do you have any advice because I'm out of ideas and I keep messing up then I just give up and and I end up getting 5,000 RP

  7. YO THANK YOU SM BRO! I doubted this but I restarted 5 times and got the car!!

  8. So much filler and no explanation wtf you're doing🤦‍♂️

  9. This is so enjoying because it can take you like 50 attempts before you get it. So annoying and it ain't the quickest game to reload back up!

  10. It worked after 2.5hrs of trying and restarting the game. I wouldnt buy a casino house just to get the cars, it only took 45 seconds extra per run to get over to the casino from Maze bank helipad. It seems to all be in the speed and technique of the joystick movement, from the beginning of his movement to the end you need to match that. Anyways thanks, now does anyone know how to upgrade my torreador with rockets and boosters?

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