HUGE 3x & 6x Scope Sensitivity BUG in PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 – Hopefully a Fix Soon!! | DerekG

After the 0.8.0 Global Update arrived many users noticed that sensitivity settings for the 3x and 6x scopes were removed from the game! The assumption is these scopes were supposed to get their own sensitivity sliders, however, right now you are UNABLE to adjust the sensitivity of either scope, which means if you don’t like the defaults then you are out of luck… Hopefully this can be fixed quickly and easily, as these scopes are awesome, and their usefulness will be severely reduced until…


  1. I have the same problem but I don't understand how to fix it so I kill enemies with a sniper as it is – without aim. 🙂
    It started after previous or pre-previous update.

  2. Do anyone know how to change the name. I'vetried using name card. 'use' option is not showing when I click on the name card.

  3. Nice vid….after update im not using 3x and 6x cuz i like to play on low sensitivity

  4. Same issue here. I play on low (customized) sensitivity. And m screwed bcz of this new issue. I can now only play with 2x, 4x and 8x for the setting i have. And when i pick 6x or 3x boom its way too high for me.

  5. My fave scope was 3x and 6x and now i hate them because i can't change their sensitivities. I'm using gyroscope so their sensitivity is very important

  6. Yeah bro, same bro, wow bro, whoa bro, that happened to me bro.

    Idians and their broing

  7. This bug just same to the 0.8.0 Chinese LS version on the past,
    Pubg global have a same bug on 0.8.0,The hell,Pubg global Dev dindt work anything,they work just for that shit skin and costume

  8. Whole AR recoils are messed up in 0.8 update with or without attachments recoils are way too shaky. Ur forced into snipers and smg to be able to do something or switch to single fire more on AR. Not sure if this intentional or some bug that came along new update.

  9. I had graphics glitches and some textures are appear and dissappear is that due to the new update?

  10. my game lags and when i get 6x or 3x i beg my team8s to take it from me becuz i dnt want anyone to take it plzz fix it 🙁

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