Human Aimbot & The Best APEX Player in the World? | Best of RAS

This korean guys is the best apex legends player after aceu he make rank game look so easy if you guys want to watch his montage video scroll down…..
Human Aimbot & The Best APEX Player in the World? | Best of RAS

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Welcome to Apex…


  1. 日本にもたくさん上手い人いるけど

  2. I'm really new to fps can someone tell me why they don't move their mouses that much?
    Don't you usually want a big area for your mouse to move with low sensitivity?
    They domt seem to move it at all.

  3. Lol

    All these so called players who just pussy willow play with Wrath.

    Whenever I see or hear someone say they are good at Apex and they main wrath. . . We all know they are crap pussy willows who wouldn't do anywhere near as good with a character that can't run away like wrath does constantly.

    You watch all the clips of this man where he was 1 hp and ran away using wraths perks.

    The man would have been dead in 99% of his clips in this video if he wasn't wrath.😆👌


  4. I've been playing since the start. My total kills is no more than 6k across the board. So sad, but this makes me want to be great. Then again I have a wife and kids. But im great in bed tho.

  5. Damn , i can combine my win, kill ,death and assist , and still not gonna pass even quarter of his win , lmao.

  6. Ultimate Apex Legends Player: Aceu's movement, RAS' aim and Hal's brain

  7. Recoil: I am the most inevitable thing in all games
    Some guy: but I am a pro player
    Recoil: understandable have a great day

  8. Jajajaja en asia siempre siempre en TODITOS los juegos usan hacks
    De nada cracks si tienen otro chistr quisiera verlo

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