I Caught An obnoxious CHEATER In Apex Legends Using The Sentinel! (Apex Legends Season 4 – Gameplay)

I’ve never seen anyone cheat with a Sentinel before, until today. This might be the worst type of cheater to run into in Apex Legends. I just HAD to see if something was up…and then, I had to see if his teammates were in on it! Agree? Disagree? Comment your pov! Insta► | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads!…


  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thumbnail killed me!!!!! That's that "you're disappointed at your kids grades in school and you get a call from the teacher" look

  2. i like how soyboys always report for every reason acting like that will do shit XD cheaters rarely get banned in his game no matter how many reports you get

  3. The apex guy was using the strike pack adapter which Apex doesn't consider it as a bannable offense. Now for the wrath i think he was just a good player.

  4. I've had a suspected cheater on my team once in random encounters. Once my suspicion levels were high, I deliberately ran into gunfire to kill myself so I could spectate him. Was blatant.
    Let him run half way across the map to get my beacon, then respawn and as soon as he respawned me, I left the game with a polite little message.

  5. The wraith was fine, the lifeline was clearly cheating when he swapped to a R99 and the cursor was just glued to the enemy player 😀 its kinda obvious

  6. Not defending them, just saying I get head shot all the time, so if someone killed you with few head shots you'd report them.

  7. Dont know y u reported Rya because if he was cheating the aimbot would've been on the same spot on the wraiths hitbox which in slow mo it obviously didnt

  8. The wraith looks like a try hard, good player he has a r99 with legendary wraith skin and good tracking, I don’t think he’s cheating.

  9. In defense of the RYA_Awol, it's more difficult to tell if your teammates are cheating especially if they're sniping with a sentinel while you're up close with an R-99. Also, you don't have that first-person perspective you have while spectating, you'd need to be spectating the person you think is "complicit" at the same time to see how really exposed the Wraith was to the Lifeline's aim. You also need to consider that one player can't see the kills of the other two players, unless you literally went into the squad menu and looked at the stats for your teammate go up relative to the banner at the beginning of the match. Also, I think where you made your decision was a little rash, as spraying down 70 damage with the R-99 using a good barrel stabilizer at that range didn't actually look that hard to manually do if you were a 2000 kill player like that Wraith.

    Also, it's pretty easy to tell with low level players if they're cheating, and also with top level players it's easy to reason that cheaters present themselves as people get more competitive at that level. But people on the upper mid tier are harder to tell, like that Wraith. There is the possibility of both of the motives occurring in this middle ground, but there is also the way higher possibility that their account has been hijacked. I remember it happening to me as when someone from Asia got a hold of my account, they bought a legend and apparently played a few games while cheating, which got my account banned. (I know because I checked my EA data, which showed a successful login from an IP there). Fortunately I was able to get my account back, but not after a week of waiting to contact EA support.

    I just wish there was a better system in place, maybe locking your account down if the cheating occurred at an unusual IP or something, because I think all cheaters should get reported, but sometimes the cheaters aren't the people behind the account playing.

  10. i just got a little into the vid and I see a person with the sentinal in the kill feed named apexchadder(i bet its him the cheater)
    edit: i am right

  11. Now, i really don`t get it…why would someone cheat in the fps game? For what reason? To watch some pictures on the screen or what? It`s not you doing all that stuff, u`re more like a potato before the monitor. It`s like just saying "yeah i`m weak and stupid pay me disability allowance". Wtf, be a man u bich

  12. I hate people that report others because they are good what if you got that wraith player banned because he is good at tracking because you were salty you died by his TEAMATE honestly it’s people like you that make me sick this double standard “oh he is a well known pro player probably not hacking” then turn around and say “I don’t know who he is and he is good so he must be cheating” smh

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