I Caught My Teammate Cheating In Apex Legends…Then He Died To Cheaters!? (Gameplay)

The Irony is too real. Here’s the RIDICULOUS story of me hunting down evidence of my teammate cheating, only to have him die to cheaters! You HAVE to see how it unfolds, it’s honestly one of the funniest games I’ve ever played! This dude was loving dropping hints and messing with me! You guys have to give me your thoughts below! Agree or disagree? Hit me up with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads!…


  1. So, think both parties are cheating? Both are innocent? Hit me up with your thoughts, and your favorite moments! This game was just TOO WILD lol.

  2. Need to correct you it doesn't take a cheater to beat a cheater. If you have a team that talks it's not hard to take them down they get too cocky.

  3. The million people they banned are most likely the same 100 people over and over

  4. Played with a dude and he was getting so many kills, like 15-20. He was level 33 BANGALORE maining and dude had like 300 kills. I was suspicious but i think im sure he was cheating thanx to this video. Thanx Raynday!

  5. i can't say if any of them were cheating or not didn't really get a good look at the teammates actual game play enough, i do know i have had some cheaters as teammates and as opponents for sure, the guy at the end may have been running a wall hack as he seemed to see them behind obstetrical dn fired random shots into the rocks and trucks a few times.. the cheating is crappy for sure, i m horrible at this game i mean horrible!! but i still play and enjoy my crappiness and the over all game play. Futurebowl16944 is gamer tag for game on xbox only. no true team mates just rando's all the time.

  6. They landed in the spot I won shadow fall as a Bangalore somehow

  7. There are so many cheaters in apex they need to fix it they are getting so much money from apex why don't they fix the cheater problem

  8. In my mind the only way is EXPOSECHEATS. COM (remove the spaces) the v591 Always seems to work for me

  9. Why do people even cheat on Apex? It’s so dumb honestly. Man, I want to switch to PC but it just seems like everyone is cheating and they’re not getting punished because they do well at hiding it. It’s sucks man.

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