I downloaded GTA 5 on PS4 using Dial Up Internet (1000+ Hours)

Downloading GTA 5 on PS4 using dial up Internet speed! 1000+ hours of downloading time on PS4 99+ hours left totaled 1000 hours over almost two months of constant downloading. I was downloading in rest mode. This is what it looks like when downloading a large game like GTA 5 “GTA V” on PS4 using dial up Internet speed. Enjoy!

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  1. 25 years later………i need to get a cryo sleep chamber…….to finish waiting for my download

  2. I bet the power bill costed more than it would have to just have actual internet! Great experiment anyway.

  3. "I am internet dial up, and this, is my download speed. She downloads 64 KB custom virtual storage measurements at 500 kilobytes per minute. It costs 400 dollars of electricity, to download this game, for twelve gigabytes"

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