I found a HACKER in Fortnite: Battle Royale…!

Fortnite: Battle Royale – I think we found a HACKER! What do you think…?
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  1. What do YOU reckon – HACKER or NO hacker…? 🤔

    Thanks for the continued love on my Fortnite videos! 💙

  2. He’s not hacking because there is already someone down there and he is just collecting the guys loot that fell

  3. Ok that was not a hacker all he did was headshot snipe you because you where standing still and the send feedback thing piped up because you accidentally pressed it

  4. Dear Ali A. My name is Dr Conor Griffin I am currently trying to figure out if that player is a hacker but I think he is. By my calculations the shot is 4cm away from you thank you for your time

    Dr Conor Griffin

  5. Who else got really annoyed that he had to snipers,didn’t sort out his inventory and had auto pick up weapons

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