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  1. There's a promotional campaign on Gamecrook right now and they are giving free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc.. It worked for me.

  2. Yea like when it wats round 5 my teammates recovering time was go by faster

  3. Has anyone else noticed when you up the field of view it makes it seem like you are faster

  4. They should drop a major update making the game play faster like this it’s looks amazing playing like this

  5. Ive always thought you speed up your vids anyway. But this did look super fast compared to the others.
    Can you confirm you do speed up your footage either that or you goto be always running some form of hack cause I play a lot and never sprint the speed you guys go. GG peace ✌️

  6. youtube progression bar. and the in-game Ring timer don't match. FAKE!

  7. When janks dies towards the end he doesnt bleed out look closely at 13:49 he just automatically dies

  8. One time i play against a lifeline who ran so fast and she killed my whole team with just 2 bullets each. On ps4

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