I Got The GOLD P2020 in Season 4! (Apex Legends)

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  1. About the Sentinel 16 minutes in, I was just upset because the previous game I hit a caustic in the head for 88 damage, Obviously the longbow doesn't hit higher I was just confused how it is possible to hit an 88 to the head LOL

  2. lol got it off the drop in the middle of the train and knocked two and rode the train to freedom

  3. This game sucks dick. Your vids are cool, but you should support a game that isn't a shit knockoff of PUBG

  4. He puts “GOT GOLD P2020” in the title but he only got one kill with the P2020 💀😂 (not hating just saying) love ur vids bro

  5. He’s so toxic and mean but still very good (I would never want to play with him)

  6. dont be sorry that gas is soooooooo damn annoying even when you have a teammate as caustic its even worse than Bangalore smoke smh

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