I Met With 2 Hackers On GTA 5 Online And They Gave Me Money

I was playing normally and trying to do some parachuting actions. First hacker was immortal and killed me too many times and second hacker disturbed me. I said that I do not want but he continued it. And something happened my connection with Rockstars servers and I logged out.


  1. I just started gta online yesterday and I’m already level 320.. I wonder how that happened

  2. I’m confused why you’re trying to kill invincible hackers when they’re money dropping you. 😂

  3. I once went in a death match and we were about 5 ppl and somebody did a money drop right on my character as if he wanted to gift me and I got 38 million

  4. Why would rockstar even release GTA 6 on PC because of this shit I said fuck it to PS4 cause when PS5 comes out this shit is gonna happen r* not giving a shit about old easily hackable tech

  5. Imagine trying to kill a missed giving you money. This used to happen all the time in ps3 lobbies and some people would come in hot with tanks and kill the people trying to get money

  6. Once i played as a female and i found a guy istg hey made it rain money above us he gave me 4.5 million $ but then i was traveling and my ps got destroyed during sending it to the other country then i lost my acc because i forgot my password which was so bad because i was living a life that i couldn't live in real life 😂😂😂🥺

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  8. This is why I don't use a PC for gaming anymore.. Shenanigans like this, are less likely to happen on a console.

  9. Same thing happened to me and my dad but he pulled a minigun out and shot money bags at me… I bought 1 of everything in the game felt like winning the lottery

  10. my friend turned to a modder then he gived me 1M Dollar then he give me all the guns and i was aFk i didnt like it for real as a player who didnt used a hack in his life . soo what to do and whaat will happen hope u will answer that question as fast as possible Cause Am Full Worried About This Situation ! Thanks Every oNe

  11. A modder gave me 3.2 billion cuz I got a money drop for 19 fucken minutes and I didn't get ban this guy is just saying "stop giving me money" cuz he wants more and those two dumbass m odders actually thought he was getting pissed of

  12. I met a hacker

    He messed with the bomb ball BEEEPPPP!

    I’m deaf now
    And he started teleporting
    He even locked me in the server and I can’t leave

    I can’t even access my menu
    I was locked in that server
    I closed the application and rockstar warned me that I’ll become a bad sport
    This is why I hate modders/ hackers

  13. i met with one and he took away everything i had and put me at -3.7 million rp

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