I Opened 100 PUBG Mobile Crates and You WON'T BELIEVE What I Won!!!

“You WON’T BELIEVE What I Won in PUBG Mobile Crate Opening! Mass Crate Opening PUBG Mobile – Huge Crate Opening PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Crates Opening (PowerBang Crate Opening) 100 Crate Opening PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Crate Hack iOS Android Mod Menu Mod APK Tutorial”


Hi guys! RIP my wallet for today’s video…I spent $50 on crates for PUBG Mobile, and I open all of them in this video! WHAT DO I WIN? Let’s find out!…


  1. Dude wear that beret ( the hat) that’s worth $3 right there dude if you wear that in a video I’ll leave a like on this video and the one that u wear it in!!!

  2. Lol very funny wasting money without knowing the game lol.

  3. I got an M416 Golden Trigger from just the coupon scraps. Don’t believe me? Well check out my PUBG Mobile account AliceZhou488

  4. You just said you can’t believe about wasting 100 crates for nothing good , you think that Thise clothes are nit believed

  5. Why you always put photo that you got m416 gold and ump skin and you didn’t….not subscribe and no like …. bad like that not true

  6. Bro you used every so much of UCs and here we are looking for UCs and trick to get UCs but can't get. Help us Bro

  7. I like pubg crates well kind of the more you open like the more you click the open another crate button your chance of legendary item increases

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