I Thought This 10-Year Old Kid Was a GOD at Apex Legends…Until I Caught Him Cheating! (Gameplay)

I was Bamboozled. Here’s the hilarious Story of How a 10 year old Kid fooled me into thinking he was a hard carry, only to find out the real truth at the end. Let’s PLEASE not let this be a habit for the young ones! Have we already fallen too far? Hit me up with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | Instagram ►…


  1. I just had to share this story. Hopefully you all enjoyed, and hopefully we keep spreading the word to everyone (even kids) that cheating is NOT the way to go. Hard work pays off in the end friends. EARN YOUR HUSTLE!

  2. Lol look at his badges smh… imagine having aimbot and not having 20k and 4k

  3. Are we not gunna mention the fuCKING R-99 WITH THE 2-4 TIMES?!?!? Since when was that possible?

  4. Guys I knew there had to be cheaters cause am using blood hound in a apex lobby and am tracking this octane for the past hour we're shooting it out he's almost dead an he decides to run so he runs off I pursue him and he starts glitching out but nobody else is glitching an he disappears with out a trace no foot print nothing it happen to my friend also so I know it's not a bug so what F***ck

  5. Wait, so from just this ONE game you had this whole fantasy about being TimTheTatman and buying this kid a pc, And taking over the Internet with this 10 yr old and his “skills”? Lul in the beginning you made it seem like you had history with this kid, that you guys played apex all the time, And that it absolutely devastated you that he was a cheater.

  6. Obviously the kid was cheating, but a lot of your proof could be just hearing the enemies foot steps

  7. Yooo this same kid did the shit to me bruh extreme OG I won't forget that name bro

  8. Your “6th sense” could possibly be just plain old common sense lol

  9. Never had I ever been bamboozled by a 10 year old kid

    Also mentioned getting bamboozled by a girl

  10. Cheater doesn't last longer before origin can detect, I've been playing with random cheater many times, I tried to add as friend after got champion with insane kill. After that, origin said this user no longer available, then I know his account already exile from origin

  11. ah the voice of a child, so young, so annoying, wish kids would just be quiet

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