I tried out for a PS4 Fortnite Clan while Cheating on rare fortnite account..


  1. Hey I can teach you how to do 90’s my username is sw0rdB0ard I am on PS4 and if you do except plz shout me out 😅

  2. I will teach you how to build and do nineties and ramp wall floor and that if you just heart my comment

  3. This is a fake video because there’s no way that’s the leader of that clan because he’s trash

  4. Quiff, me and my clan leaders are so honored to be mentioned in your vid <3 🙂

    – Co-Leader of AirGlyph

  5. Hi I’m one of the creator of AirGlyph, Thank you so much for the promotion for our clan – I’m very thankful! Feel free to join and check it out. Would love to speak to a great YouTuber like you 🙂

  6. This guy apparently thinks he went to California to play the World Cup when I watch almost the whole thing and he wasn’t even there

  7. Hi quiff, do you want to 1v1 me? You are good but we would be a good match. If you read, reply and add me on fortnite. My user is {Gh0st Spike}

  8. Hi Quiff. I’m in a clan that me and my friends started it is called ‘Blue Spirit’. U can join if u want but I will have to ask first. If so plz message

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