I USED 2 P2020's and DESTROYED the Lobby (Apex Legends PS4)

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  1. I do understand I got a few kills with the G7 Scout in the beginning of the game. I just wanted to explain myself really quick. If you don't like the fact Its not all p2020 kills, you need to realize the chances of landing on two p2020s, being about to find 20 people, and having the right loot and stuff to pull off a nice gameplay. It is rare to do all 3 in one game so enjoy the gameplay for what it is 😀 Thank you guys for all the support! You are the best! 😀

  2. Me and my friend made a deal to our selfs. If we can hit diamond or platinum by the end of July we’re gonna start streaming. Me and him try to play like you a lot I use to not be aggressive but then I started watching you and became more aggressive and went from 125 kills with caustic to 225 in 1 week me and him are inspired by you

  3. That lobby doe. Champions all under level 40 or something. I bet you three savages did kill half the lobby lol

  4. One of my favorite combos is sentinel p2020. First I take their shield with my charges sentinel, then I finish them with the hammer point rounds.

  5. Bro , John wick is sad right now . He can't be so good in apex though . Haha.. he said he is good in movies . Lolll 🤣🤣💔💔

  6. No skill challenge? Use a skinny character with Low Profile so you take more damage, but don't use the skills/abilities of whichever legend the whole game?

  7. To be honest I was just waiting for him to shut up but never happened he mad annoying he need a mute button!!!!

  8. Jankz gets clapped and has to spend the next 10 minutes explaining that he's not bad he just got bs'd because of ridiculous circumstances. Shut the fuck up Jankz..

  9. This man had a care package the whole time his teammate coulda had purp armor my guy… literally cringe but good ass gameplay and good momentum and positioning

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