I was Reported for Cheating in Apex Legends last night. Apparently, I have an aim bot or some other prog that allows me to be super amazing at this game. But of all the people who could be accused of cheating in this Battle Royale, I am the least likely suspect you could ever think of. Or am I….

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  1. What a dick ass hardcore no life smurf, cant wait til the fix it and then youll be stuck dying cuz all you do is practice playing against scrubs, or maybe your just a scrub…… Truth hurts sometimes doesnt it…lol.

  2. Lol my aim is so bad I don't think anyone would ever report me. Even with snipers which i love i have terrible aim. If you are a gutter tier gamer.
    I am a sewer tier gamer.

  3. Lol. I've had this same shit happen too many times.
    I play on pc with controller, and a lot of people seem too retarded to understand that means aiming works a lot differently :')
    Started off playing with m/k but had an accident at work in october that left me with very minimal movement in one hand. So had to make teh switch to controller.
    I refuse to switch to console though and admit defeat :')

  4. Let's be honest, if we're in the wrong of accusing someone of ''cheating'' there's no way we're going to admit that lol

  5. I got reported because i wouldnt want to get themn back in the game,cuz they were toxic all the way that i was getting theyr cards anhd getting them back to a respawn spot

  6. I’ve been reported for apparently wall hacking when I randomly threw a gernade and killed someone like 5 feet away

  7. I have yet to be reported or be called a cheater ( to my knowledge anyways ) but what I have heard towards my way was "what are you on m&kb?" ( he didn't say it in a harsh or mean manner, it was all good.
    Wanted to tell him I was actually on controller 😂 )

  8. i just reported a real cheater, hits me with longbow 5 or 6 shots immediately, no miss no attachments….then i watched him do it to 3 more guys wtf

  9. How dare you hit every shot on a LifeLine that's STANDING STILL!?!?!? HOW DARE YOU!?!?!? And then to get one shot out of 3 on that other one!?!? Oh. Cheats confirmed, sir. Oh hohohohooho. You are a Cheaty Mccheaterson, you are with your cheating cheats!!!

    Also, if they weren't gonna rez cause you were totescheatingzomg, why get the banner in the first place or at all? This silliness vexes me so.

  10. Got reported for “aimbot” today by some 34 year old teammate that didn’t know what a barrel stabilizer on an R301 was, long story short he tried convincing me that he was “Shroud” and that he had me on stream lag switching and aimbotting not realizing it was just his chicken-shit connection

  11. I see it as a compliment. My aim in ghost recon future soldier pvp was insane

  12. I've seen a aimbot on my team, and it's obvious when the guy takes on three people himself. Killing everyone in 2 secs with headshots lol

  13. I’ve been reported on apex too and the guy was convinced I was gonna be banned, months later and I’m still playing 😂 didn’t think my aim is even that good to get such a compliment lul

  14. I got reported and banned until I talked to respawn on Twitter and showed some of my gameplay. They realized I wasn't hacking and I got unbanned so thank u respawn

  15. I got my first 20 kill game today at 3AM in the morning and I also got my first report for “cheating”. Hours of hard work and dedication and I get reported for cheating 🙁

  16. i lowkey get scared when I hit all my shots on the r-301 cause someone gonna bitch about it either them or me sadly I'm too stupid to even know how to jailbreak my ps4 and too broke to replace it if it gets bricked

  17. well honestly when you see names like 97886769678joeb94446 99% they are a cheater of some kind. been at this too long and not once has a name like that not been one. you just set yourself up.

  18. I’ve been reported for “foul language” when I got knocked and said dangdidllydo

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