INSANE 4v4 TDM MODE in PUBG Mobile! | New Update 1.1.4 (New Game Mode + PC Graphics)

“PUBG Mobile NEW UPDATE 1.1.4 Game Mode 4v4 TDM Team Deathmatch! PUBG Mobile TDM Gameplay + New Game Mode in SECRET Chinese Version! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile iOS Android New BETA Update TDM Download Game Mode (PUBGM) PUBG Mobile 1 vs 4 Gameplay – Beta Update Team Deathmatch!”


PUBG Mobile TDM Download! (China Version)

Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here with a very special PUBG Mobile video!…


  1. yo estoy jugando este game se parece a free fire, pero lo juego en pc y no tiene la configuración para jugarlo con teclado y mause

  2. i love the changes and also this game mode. It is so competitive and also you can train here.

    But… i do not think game of peace is a good name as even in the chinese version they still…"ELIMINATE" other people so yeahh.. anyway i love your videos

  3. I had 1 vs 4 situation too. I won by 36points I was left alone. Still cursing the teamates bout that T.T

  4. I am from Hong Kong and the game “game of peace” is just a peace of shit ,it just copy and paste PUBG mobile to theirs game. There were PUBG mobile in mainland China but it change to game of peace ……

  5. Can you play against friends (like make sure that it’s just a team of your friends versus another team of your friends)

  6. Bruh I've played cod yeah it's good but I love pubg gun mechanic's so I'll go for pubg tdm than codm

  7. That moee will be ded soon cuz they're gonna realease cod mobile wich is fantastic

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