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Frame drops, freezing and lag have been a very prominent issue for me in PUBG Mobile for a couple of months. Here’s how I seemingly fixed, or at minimum improved the situation by a large margin. Hope it helps you! Man it was nice to have a gunfight again without lagging out!

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  1. I haven't been this much happy to hear English language in my entire life

  2. I'm loosing my ranking because of freezing I return n I'm dead n pubg ain't gonna compensate either fuck'n wack af

  3. Guys plase help
    I have a OP 7 and ONLY this game stutters when looking around sometimes and its very frustrating.
    I think it s from rendering but im not sure.

  4. its very weird for me. when i aim and shoot the aiming goes random and i cant controll it and when i plug it in on my computer the aiming works. i aming for a head shoot and i start shooting and the aiming pop straight up then left or right or makes a cirkle.

  5. m8 i buy GTX 1050 ti and risk my pc cuz power supply on my pc is low and i risk my pc with this gtx 1050 ti and the thing get worst and i hope this work cuz i even buy the royal pass 8

  6. bro I play pubg on my s8 plus it is soo smoth and ok but when I drive a car in pub g it become so laggy why this happed

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