INSANE NEW ROCK GLITCH – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #139

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: INSANE NEW ROCK GLITCH
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  1. In one match, I was pathfinder hiding in a little hole on the skeleton in Skull town. The ring closes and I move. Two people have to die before the evac ship comes so I stay on the skeleton. Then right in front of me, a shadow pops up. I shoot at it and I see shots coming from behind me. The shadow dies, I turn around and I see a team of pathfinders. I join the team. Someone dies and the evac is coming. We hold of all the shadows until the time runs out. 10 seconds left, all the pathfinders shoot their zipine to the evac ship. 5 seconds. We jump the skeleton and race to the evac ship. At the end of the zipline is a lone shadow. It hits me and I loose all my shield. The evac ship is here. I quickly kill it and grapple to the ship, taking a spot. Almost every pathfinder made it in.

    It was amazing.

  2. I know how to get infinite phasing(Wraith's tactical).

    1. Go to The Geyser.

    2. Jump into the geyser.

    3. When near the top, phase.

    You will see yourself phase in 3rd person(while skydiving) and when you land you can phase again. (But you will also need to time it right).

  3. Iv found a few rocks when Pressed up against them at the correct ANGLE you can see straight through 🙂 lol

  4. I went up against that glitch spot the other day, was very very confused!!!

  5. 9:46 this is exactly why the peacekeeper is soo broken no other gun can poke in and out of cover and do that much damage, how do you beat someone who only shows themselves for 1 sec. and deals 1022039393939 damage with one shot

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