Interviewing A CHEATER In PUBG

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  1. lol my dad is like 46 and has 3k hours played and has never used cheats. he has 600 wins.

  2. Eh… I’m no pro but a k/d in the 4-8 range is not that crazy. (With zero cheats)

  3. Yeah i suck too and i am old to play in pubg mobile, I can't play with kids on PUBG mobile, when i was kids i play Nintendo and Sega when I grow up became teenager i play CSGO on PC and play PS1,2,3. Once I thought about, I buy my gaming PC and PS4 pro yeah i was new player but I can keep up with all kids so easily and kick their ass to the lobby maybe because my experience as counter strike gamer

  4. Hearing him explaining the current state of gaming experience makes me sad. Every word he said was true

  5. The only question that you should have asked him

    Why are you such a pussy?
    his excuse is literally, i dont have time to practice…bruh of course that you are going to be bad if you dont play, this guy probably got killed 3 times and said "bruh i dont have for this" and started using aimbot, these are the kind of people that give up at the second they get into something new.
    Here is an advice you are always going to be bad at something that you never tried before, practice and passion are the things that make you good, this guy is older than me and he doesnt know that.

  6. So the good players make bad players cheat and then the good player get mad that the bad get mad and cheat?

  7. I strongly disagree with him saying that anyone with a 2.0 kd is using something 2.0 and up isnt hard in pubg

  8. I enjoyed PUBG so much back when it came out of beta, sure there were hackers back then also but it wasn't so rampant. I didn't even care if I won or lost a match so long as I got into some fun firefights with my team. Sometimes I'd die early into the game and sometimes I'd go well I to top 10 or get the win but it was all about survival against legit players. It was just as fun to lose as it was to win.

    Then the hackers started flooding the game. Getting sprayed by an M4 at 300 yards, getting automatically shot in the head the moment you peaked in a close firefight, players knowing exactly where you are in houses or over hills or behind trees. When I stopped playing it wasn't because the core game was no longer fun….it was because dealing with hackers just wasn't worth the time you needed to put into matches.

  9. umm, "I got kids, I got a wife"

    "I got a dog to walk" okay then… decent excuse i guess.

  10. he is exactly, what i hate, "I can't keep up with the kids"
    no you can, reaction times you can't, but map knowledge, positioning, team play and aim, it's completely balanced, especially in a game like pubg where reactions isn't exactly the priority, it's aim and positioning

    he's just a pathetic pushover, and not competitive in the slightest.

  11. I jumped into planetside 2 last July at the age of 52 and you wanna talk about a learning curve. Never once have i cheated in games and I've been gaming since Atari and heavy into battlefield. Age is no reason to cheat.

  12. I hacked once in my life like 15 years ago on counter strike, i got banned and when i bought another account i found out that i turned into a shitty skill-less player. never hacked again lol building FPS skills is something i appreciate.

  13. It's a tough lesson but what it all comes down to is you really got to let go of your ego and stop caring if you win or lose whatever game you play. Certainly in PUBG where you will die 90% of the time; you are 1 of 100 players, only one will survive. If you rage every time you die you are going to have a bad time 90% of the time. When i feel the rage rising, i try to remind myself to take a step back. I prone my character then let go of the mouse and keyboard, take a deep breath and say "it doesn't matter if i die" It's just a game. Don't be that invested in winning. Stop chasing chicken dinners. The chicken dinners will come to you.

    "i died… whatever"

  14. I have more hours in PUBG then choco taco and worked hard at getting good the honest way and if you cheat you're diminishing all my hard work. With that said I still had a 25% win rate in solos last season, so I kill most cheaters anyway by out playing them and hitting my shots faster then they can ADS. If you cheat you should be ashamed of yourself.

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