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Rolex squads up with the guys and while dropping hot, he finds another glitch in PUBG Mobile!

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  1. yes , you can go inside the house through windows not the doors… JUST to avoid this glitch … do not change the control after you have started the match. not even while you are in lobby.

  2. It's happens when you restart the game and if you're in a house you won't see the doors and you can even see through them in that area. Happened to me too.

  3. I have tried to contact the developers with pin point glitches but all they do is give late responses and computerised answers :/ they were much helpful in the beginning when they actually cared for the user base.

  4. Dear Rolex,
    Your videos quality is not good its like a frame lagging its not a smooth video Thanks

  5. Anyone else get the glitch where you're stuck in a building because there's no walls or floor or windows and you don't know how to get out but there's loot on the floor???!!

  6. This invisible door glitch happened to my brother a long time ago when we were playing duo and I had to open every door for him. I think it's very rare and maybe boosting RAM before playing prevents it.

  7. Been in the game a long time. Mainly when you have to restart the game and reenter. Then all the doors in the close arena are gone but you can't open them. You can use Windows and if you go to next town they are back to normal

  8. Hey Rollie the MS AmandaSofy guy in the plane was the guy who donated 150 dollars and you played with him. I just noticed that

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