iOS 13 beta 7 What’s new? PubG 3 finger problem, 2 times faster

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Apple just released iOS 13 developer beta 7, public beta 6 and iPadOS. In this video we’ll check out what’s new in the iOS 13 beta 7 along with new features, bug fixes, speed improvements & and PUBG 3 finger problem.

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  1. Bhai 11pro max main pubg main haptic touch q ni use ho rha iss ka kya reason h. X main tu 3d touch hai. Plzz btana…

  2. Nabeel bhai mere dono iphone same prolem de rhe hai update ke baad se swipe up krne pr. Nhi ho rha 6/7 baar krna padta hai tab hota hai tumhara bhi same problem hai kya batana bhai

  3. Ykstjstbsbtjatvssybdysbsvhtsbtyvanyajydvysyhasidybdbysjtsvsyuvskusjysvudybsbsyvushusjyshy??? Btsntsbusvuwyhajydbusbusybsbydvyds syssdynsbysdhysuvsyhshyd d ysybsnysbyd?

  4. 3 finger gesture issues are still there in gaming !! It’s really irritating 😤

  5. I am still facing that 3 finger bug on my iphone xs max though my device is in latest ios 13

  6. Koi fix nhi huwa h or apne v koi solution nhi bataya or na koi fix update aya h

  7. I fucking hate ios 13 triple touch gesture

    I cant play pubg as usual😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  8. Didn't get what you were saying about 3 finger problem ? What the problem is when using 3 finger in pubg at iOS beta 13 ? Can you write because you spoke very fast and did.not clear what issue there

  9. its fixed now in the latest update (ios 13.1) just download it and u can play pubg again

  10. For a love of god, write in tittle that video is in fking Hindi you fking clickbait biabia!!!

  11. Dude .. learn the updates and then upload the vdo. I have ios 13 , beta 7 .. that problem exists and it is extremely frustrating .

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