iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing + Handcam Gameplay | FPS Test, Graphics | PUBG, CODM, Critical Ops, Fortnite

This iPad is 11 inches

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Hey guys!
Today we have a new video!
I hope u guys like the video!

Im saving money for a new iPad to get better streams and videos.
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  1. I can’t believe that I’m watching an IPad unboxing video on my new IPad whilst playing CODM(´・ω・`)

  2. COD skills not up to mark. No jumping, no crouching and no dropshot. You were reloading in front of enemies which is not in case of real gameplay.

  3. Como quisiera una de esas🥺🙁😔 apenas tengo un a30 samsung q ni siquiera corre PUBG😔

  4. Hello I am a 12 year old youtuber who is trying to grow 1k subscribers on youtube
    Please help me to get 1k
    Thank you🖐🖐

  5. Still. Rocking the iPad 3 had it since it came out I was 5 yrs old lol

    Edit: My iPad 3 version is iOS 10.3.4
    I'm I'm updating it to the iPad Air 2

  6. А,ну да,зачем прошкам давать пады,если они так нужны нубам ебучим…

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